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August 1, 2012 / bethanyshondark

Date Night!

Last night we went out to celebrate Seth’s 30th birthday – the first of two nights out to commemorate the glorious anniversary of his birth.

For the last several months he’s been craving a hamburger. It doesn’t seem too much to ask, but it’s been a bit of a saga for us. One night, late after we came back from New Jersey after visiting his family, we stopped at Kosher Delight for a bite. I have never seen him more crestfallen as he was when he took a bite of that burger – he couldn’t even finish it. Soon after, KD closed down, much to our amusement.

We asked around and discovered that the best Kosher burger in the city was to be found at Clubhouse Cafe, conveniently located near our office. Then, they too closed down. Still no burger. The saga continued.

We rarely go out to dinner, and last night we had a Our Lady Peace concert at Irving Plaza and decided that it would be the night that his burger craving would be satiated. I asked on Facebook and a surprising number of people responded and the consensus became that Wolf and Lamb would offer the best Kosher burger in NYC.

We both ordered the lamb burger and were not disappointed. Both burgers were incredibly juicy and cooked exactly to order. Seth got the garlic herb fries and I got the sweet potato fries – both delicious. Seth had a near-religious experience with their BBQ sauce, so much so that he asked if they sold it by the bottle (sadly they do not).


After dinner we made our way down to Union Square and had some time to kill before the concert, so we took a walk around. It was lovely seeing so many people enjoying the beautiful summer evening in NYC and to our amusement we even saw a young kid playing chess with an old Indian man. That’s what we both love about NYC – that’s possible here; we’d love that to be our kids one day, real New Yorkers. There were dozens of other games going on around us and everyone was in good spirits.


The concert was great and there was an uplifting and amusing politically-related incident before Our Lady Peace took the stage. As promised, this is a politics-free zone, but you can read about what happened here on my Facebook.

An overall great night out in NYC, something we don’t do as often as we should. Friday we’re taking the day off and plan on having a classic NYC afternoon: brunch, Central Park Zoo and a paddle trip in the Park reservoir. Hopefully the weather cooperates.


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  1. Sarah Klinkowitz / Aug 12 2012 2:40 am

    Happy Birthday! It sounds like a wonderful experience!

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