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September 20, 2012 / bethanyshondark

Happy New Year from Gilad Shalit…

In YNet news Gilad Shalit has written a beautiful op-ed about the New Year. In case you’re unfamiliar with his story…

In 2006, Gilad was taken from his post where he was serving as an Israeli soldier. He was held in captivity, out of sunlight and out of society for over five years by brutal terrorists in the Hamas-controlled Gaza. His release was incredibly controversial, he was exchanged for over 1,000 hardened terrorists, but he came back to Israel alive. Every day of his captivity, Jews around the world prayed for his release. Every Passover, tens of thousands of Jewish families left a seat empty at their table, just waiting for Gilad. His release was one of the most emotional moments in modern Jewish history, in my opinion.

Gilad’s op-ed was incredibly touching, it was one of the first times he’s spoken about his experiences. He’s still yet to talk about what happened to him in those dungeons in Gaza, but now he’s spoken about how he survived. His advice was so good, so similar to my own coping mechanisms, I felt the need to share:

You must overcome. Crying won’t help. And always remember that it is possible to get out of any bind. This is true for many things – diseases, injuries or crises. There is no point in regretting what happened; you must look to the future and think of the next stage of your life. Faith can help of course, but it must be accompanied by an awareness of reality. This will help you overcome disappointment.

Read the whole piece here, it’s worth it.


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