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June 6, 2013 / bethanyshondark

My Must-Have Pregnancy Items

I was just writing this in an e-mail to a friend, and I figured it was probably useful to more than just her out there in the world, so here are my must-have pregnancy items, in no particular order:Image

Bra extender: Cheap and easy solution so you don’t have to buy tons of new bras if the ones you have already fit you in the cup

Body pillow: Helpful only when you get bigger, but it helps me sleep on my side, which I have a really hard time doing
Ginger gum: This isn’t Kosher but I really don’t care. If I’m on the subway and suddenly feeling like I’m about to puke, it gives me 15-20 minutes of time before that happens. It quells the nausea quickly, but not for very long.  
Nursing bra: If your boobs hurt sleep with this on at night, makes a very big difference, plus you’ll definitely use it after delivery
Belly band: Truth be told, I don’t use this much, but it’s helpful extending the life of your pants before you have to go into maternity. Friends that wear pants more often than I do swear by it
Plain tank tops: These are great for layering, a lot of maternity tops show way more cleavage than I would’ve thought, my bras are so big that they come out the top of most of my tops, so I need these to layer. Also, if you put these underneath tops that aren’t maternity, you can get more life out of them because your belly won’t be peaking out the bottom (the tanks are quite long)
Jersey skirt: There’s currently a code on OldNavy to save an additional 20%. I wear these skirts (not maternity, though they have them available) at least once a week, usually more like 3x. An essential. I don’t think you need them in maternity, but I guess I may reconsider that when I’m 8 months.
Unisom: My doctor recommended this to me and my friend Mary Katherine swore by it, so I gave it a try. Take half a tab at bedtime and morning sickness is gone at least for the morning after you wake up. Obviously talk to your doctor to make sure that you can take this safely.
Neti Pot: Especially in the first trimester, if you get a cold or allergies, you’re up shit’s creek with few options on what you can take medicine-wise. I find this does the trick for me. 
Tums: A good source of calcium and helpful when you have heartburn, though not incredibly so


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  1. rebeccah / Jun 6 2013 1:12 pm

    target and H&M both have really cheap long regular sizes tank tops that can be turned backwards if you need a higher neckline and will last until the last month for some. great buys. $6 at H &M and i think 10 at target

  2. bethanyshondark / Jun 6 2013 2:06 pm

    The ones at Motherhood maternity are now 3 for $20, so that’s about $7 a tanktop. Plus shipping, but if you’re getting other stuff, they have free shipping for about $50 or $99 I think.

  3. Erica / Jun 6 2013 6:37 pm

    Are you wearing nursing bras or sleep bras? 2 very different things. The sleep bra at motherhood is great. I wore h&m and motherhood tanks the whole time, and still wearing them for length.

  4. Marilyn / Jun 6 2013 7:40 pm

    I have never been pregnant, but I have had nausea associated with vertigo caused by an inner ear problem. I found kosher ginger candies by Yummy Earth. I bought them on line. There are several sights that sell then. They did help me. I’m not sure if they are as strong as the gum.

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