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December 15, 2013 / bethanyshondark

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things: Newborn Edition

Here are some gifts that we’ve received and some that we bought for ourselves that have been great the first two months of our daughter’s life. In case you’re looking for inspiration to buy something for a new parent, here are my suggestions:

The Moby Wrap: We got this used off of a mother’s listserv where we used to live and it has been essential. We wrap our daughter in it because she doesn’t like to go in the stroller so this is how we carry her out of the house. We also put her in it when we’ve tried everything to get her to take a nap. She falls asleep almost instantly in it and it’s a great way to keep my hands free while comforting her.

The Miracle Blanket: We hated the other swaddle blankets that were just blankets that didn’t have dummy instructions and that had velcro (a disaster in the washer/dryer). The second we put her in this we get nothing but smiles and soon after, sleep.

Infant bathtub: Our sink isn’t clean or big enough to bathe her and almost always has stuff in it. This bathtub comes with a newborn sling and she loves it. It’s also useful to put her in when I need to put her somewhere when I’m going to the bathroom. Nobody said motherhood was this glamorous…

gDiapers: We wanted to use cloth diapers but have a disposable option for overnights, when we’re out or for babysitters and after talking to a good friend who uses these, we settled on the gDiapers. Haven’t been disappointed, far from it.


I prefer them to the disposables we used the first weeks which we received from the hospital and friends. This is a whole other post by itself, but suffice to say we’re happy with the gDiapers system. The newborn bundle doesn’t make sense as most babies are already too big for it when born or will within a week or so grow out of it. The small size is for weights between 7-14 pounds — financially you break even when you buy a stash of these with your first kid, the second kid and beyond is where you see the cost savings. It’s unreasonable to ask for cases of diapers but you can ask for these as gifts and make it cost-effective that much sooner. You can blackmail friends into buying them by promising to reveal the gender in order to get gender-appropriate covers (not that I did that…). The mediums are what the baby spends the vast majority of their time in and are the most cost-effective. We only have the bare minimum stash in smalls but a bigger and cuter assortment in mediums. I’m happy to chat with anyone that would like more information about them. Why use cloth? They’re much cheaper, easier than you’d think to use and clean, better for her sensitive skin, eco-friendly and CUTE. REALLY FRICKING CUTE.

White Noise iPhone app: How many hours have I spent rocking her while playing this app in her ear? I don’t want to think about it. She likes it LOUD.  We know about this trick thanks to Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, which we watched before she was born, one of the smartest things we did. All of his tricks really work. 

My Breast Friend pillow: Makes breastfeeding as easy on my back as it can be. Has a place to stash breastfeeding essentials and a granola bar.

Hands-free breast pump bra: For the few times I’ve had to pump, this has made it a far more simple experience. Other pumping essentials are the pump itself (many insurance companies have to pay for one now because of ObamaCare so check with yours; this is the pump I have, I can’t speak to others since I’ve only tried this one), storage bags, a bottle brush, and a storage on the go cooler bag.

Glider (aka rocking chair): I tried a million gliders out in a baby store and this was by far the best one. It reclines (HUGE PLUS) and is quite comfortable.

Changing pad waterproof cover: Before we found these we were washing our two changing pad sheets twice a week, each.

Baby wipes dispenser: When you buy baby wipes by the case they don’t come with a dispenser. This is easy to operate with one hand and keep the wipes moist.

Bundle Me and Jolly Jumper carseat cover: We have these two winter baby items, one in her stroller (which she refuses to lay in) and one in her carseat. We have the bundle me in her stroller and the Jolly Jumper in her car seat. It’s unsafe to have babies in large coats in strapped into car seats so this keeps her warm while inside of it and it’s also unsafe to have anything sit between the baby and the back of the carseat.

Car mirror: The brand doesn’t matter but it’s really nice to be able to see what’s happening with the baby while driving.

Infant carseat: We really like our carseat. We bought another one and it was an absolute DISASTER trying to get her into it at the hospital when we were bringing her home. It was such a shitshow the hospital almost didn’t let us leave. I sat in the backseat with her with my body practically draped over her and Seth drove 30mph home the whole way. My in-laws ran to Buy Buy Baby to get this for us and were also kind enough to get us a snap-and-go stroller as well, another essential.

Birpy bibs: These are big, double as bibs or as burp cloths and are super absorbent and cute. We have four of them and they are always in rotation (one in each room and one or two in the hamper).

What are your new baby essentials? Comment below!


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  1. Lisa / Dec 16 2013 1:50 am

    Yay the gift I sent made the list! Mummy success!

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