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January 27, 2014 / bethanyshondark

My Top Registry Suggestions

A friend recently had a baby and was at a loss as to what to put on her registry. Here were some of my suggestions, for items that she’ll likely need past the immediate newborn stage.


Snack cups (it may make sense to ask for two)
Messy kid bibs for first foods
Refillable squeeze food pouch – I think this is a must-have and I didn’t add it to my registry because I only heard about it recently, so I have a price alert on it to buy myself. You will be SHOCKED at how much money these things cost and kids love them.
Sippy cups

Frozen teether; some kids love it, some don’t, but for the price I say YOLO
Frozen fruit mesh holder – I’ve heard very mixed things on this, people say it’s really hard to clean but a frozen piece of mango is game changing for teething kids. Someone bought it for us so I’ll let you know how it works for us, but again, for the price, I think it may just be a YOLO thing

The only pacifier my daughter will use. We started with her on it at about four or six weeks, it’s really really important to us now for sleeping/naps. We have probably six and are always losing them.
Three components for good sleep: blackout blinds, a sound machine and this book on establishing healthy sleep patterns.
Soft bibs that we put on her when we think she’ll spit up so we don’t have to do an outfit change.. Keep her upright for 15 minutes after feeding and try not to nurse her to sleep. That’s what helped ours stop spitting up as much.
Tons of moms have told me gDiapers (which I use and love) are great as swim diapers if you don’t put an insert in. You just put this on their bums in the water (they come in different sizes and adorable colours, size small lasts to 14 lbs and medium lasts til they’re almost potty trained usually)
It’s not fun but a rectal thermometer is the best kind to get.  I use this and like it a lot and our daughter doesn’t even notice it.
Carseat bag and stroller bag for airplane travel – I’ve been told this is really important if you plan on flying with a carseat (which you should because carseats in rental cars are old and may be damaged); I’m buying this for our trip next month so I can tell you how it works out.
Diaper bag – I think this is a really personal decision but I love this one and I tried another two before (which I now have sitting around the house). It’s big enough, I like all the pockets, I think I’ll especially appreciate it when she is eating solids and it has the cooler pockets on the bottom with the side pockets for sippy cups/bottles. It’s also gender neutral so Seth doesn’t hate it.
Keep these reusable and washable waterproof bags in your diaper bag. If anything messy happens, you can put dirty clothes or used burp cloths in here.
VTech walker – multiple people told us this was their kids fav toy
Play mat – Our daughter tried two others and only likes this one. She can sit and stare at it for an hour, a game changer; the price is really good right now (it takes C batteries so buy them at the same time unlike we did)
Floor and crib mirror – mirrors are baby crack, they love looking at faces. Kinda wish we had two; one for the floor and one for the crib. I don’t want her crib to be a fun time place so I’m not putting in a crazy lights and sounds mobile.
Lamaze firefly – all of their products are great. Colourful, different patterns, they have a mirror and different textures and make different sounds when you handle them.
KidKraft has a lot of fun Jewish toys like a Shabbat set, PassoverRosh Hashanaha holiday puzzle set; I put price alerts on all of them on but you could put them on your registry and hope someone buys them.
Munschworks and Mo Willems books are both really great and I recommend all of them. They’re fun to read.

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