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August 25, 2014 / bethanyshondark

Review of gDiapers


Every month I send a picture of my daughter to friends and family wearing just her diaper. Every month she’s in a different colour gDiaper. This has led to most of the people in our lives knowing what kind of diapers we use and that we’ve stuck with them, even when everyone told me we’d give up within weeks. We cloth diaper for several reasons:

  1. Cost: I was raised by the biggest penny pincher on the Eastern Seaboard. Spending money that gets thrown in the garbage makes me feel ill. I knew when I first started talking to friends that cloth diapered that it was worth a try, for cost alone.
  2. Environment: It may be surprising, but conservative people care about the earth as well. The idea of thousands of diapers in the landfill because of our family, which will pretty much never decompose, was an incentive to go the cloth route. 
  3. Cute: Okay, I admit this was a motivating factor. 
  4. Fewer blowouts: I didn’t know this would be an advantage at the time, but cloth diapering has saved us a lot of diaper blowouts. When we were using the disposables we got free from the hospital, every time she went #2, we had a lot of laundry on our hands (we were still laundering poop, even if we weren’t using cloth diapers). When we switched to gDiapers we haven’t had a single one. 

There’s a lot of misconceptions about cloth diapering. I don’t have a bucket of standing water somewhere in my apartment filled with dirty diapers, nor do I swirl anything in the toilet, nor do I ever touch poop (more than any other mother, that is). I’m going to go over terminology, my washing method, and how to cloth diaper as cheaply as possible with gDiapers. 

gDiapers are the only kind of diapers we’ve tried. I know there’s a million other ones out there. We chose them for the following reasons:

  1. A friend introduced me (thanks Aviva!). The world of cloth diapering is really overwhelming and my friend Aviva spent the time to sit down with me and go over what gDiapers are, and how to use them. 
  2. They have a disposable insert option for when you’re out or on vacation. We use these inserts overnight as well, they absorb a lot more than cloth. I bought two cases (four packs come in each case) when they were on sale on Amazon (I had a price alert set when I was pregnant) and we are still going through what that initial purchase was. The disposable insert can be flushed or thrown away. If it is thrown away, it’s much more degradable than regular disposable diapers. These disposable inserts are available on subscribe and save on Amazon Mom as well, which saves even more money.
  3. They are available on Amazon and in person at big box stores like Target, Babies R Us and I think Buy Buy Baby as well. This came in handy when I had to buy an extra pack of disposable inserts, and also when I was setting up our registries. 
  4. The support is fantastic. They have a chat option on their website that I’ve used at least a dozen times. The chat box is staffed by moms who have been using gDiapers for a long time, and I’ve always found the women who are there to answer my questions to be professional, really kind, and thorough. 

What different parts are there in gDiapers?

1. gPants: These are the cute outer cloth shells. They come in tons of colours and the company releases new patterns all the time. They come in packs of six or they can be purchased individually. There’s a six pack you can buy with just green and orange for $13 a pant, $80 total. Their website, and sadly only their website, has a rainbox six pack available for $90 total. They come in four sizes: small, medium (this is what most kids spend the vast majority of time in), large and XL. 

On Amazon standard gPants are $19 each. I wait to buy them when they go on sale on for 3 for $39 – $13 each. That’s the price you get buying them in a pack, and this way you have the option to have a variety of colours. 

Screenshot 2014-08-25 at 8.41.25 PM

2. Plastic pouches: These are what seal the diapers, making sure that nothing that’s liquid gets out. They come in two sizes: small and medium/large. It’s good to have two of these pouches per every gPant you have. They are the part of the diaper that gets dirty, and they can be switched out, saving you from cleaning the whole gPant. I get them on Amazon, they aren’t easy to find any cheaper than what’s available there. 


3. Inserts: These come in either a cloth variety or the disposable option that I mentioned above. The subscribe and save on Amazon Mom is the best way to get these cheaply. Set a price alert as I did on camelcamelcamel for these. 

A word on cloth insert options: For the first six months of gDiapering I used their inserts. When my cleaning ladies emptied my diaper pale, throwing out 2/3 of my cloth inserts, I started to shop around to see if I could find a better option. I discovered charcoal bamboo inserts thanks to a gDiapering moms group on Faceboook and I don’t know how I ever cloth diapered without them. They are so much more absorbent and because they’re not white, they don’t stain. I got them quite cheaply from a mom coop that I belong to on Facebook, but they are also available on Amazon. If you email me (bethanyshondark at gmail dot com) I can add you to the Facebook coop group. They do the buys periodically. If you’re not in a hurry to start cloth diapering, this is a great money saving option. 


4. Cloth diaper liner: When using cloth inserts, a liner can make cleanup a lot easier. We have this on top of the cloth insert and if there’s solid waste, it gets lifted right off and flushed down the toilet. We’ve been using the gDiapers liners but I’ve not been that happy with their quality, I find they are too rough and they disintegrate too easily. When we run out of the gDiapers brand liners I’m going to give the Bumkins brand a try – the reviews are much better and it’s the #1 seller on Amazon. It’s also nice to have these as a barrier between the cloth insert and the skin in case a diaper cream or lotion has to be used.


How do I wash my gDiapers?

With the gPants and plastic pouches, they get thrown into the laundry along with the rest of the baby clothes. gPants have the Velcro closed before washing. The pouches go in the washing machine but not in the dryer. The gPants go through the dryer with the rest of our clothes. 

With the inserts, I store them in a regular diaper pale and use a reusable liner (I have two, for when I’m doing a load of laundry I have a bag for the inserts in the meantime). When it’s time to do inserts laundry (I aim to do it every 3-4 days) I empty the whole bag into the washing machine, turn the liner inside out, and do a wash on cold/cold without soap. I then do a second wash with Charlie’s soap on warm or hot. Sometimes I do a third rinse if I still smell the soap on the inserts. I dry the inserts as I would any other clothing in the dryer.


If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section. Thanks for reading. All of the Amazon links are affiliate links – I get a small percentage of anything you buy if you use it. I’d appreciate it if you did! 


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