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July 2, 2015 / bethanyshondark

My Most Favorite Baby Things II

With my second pregnancy and baby I drastically decreased the number of must-haves in my life. I bought few maternity clothes (it helped I wasn’t in an office setting this time) and don’t use that many gadgets or devices. I’m still breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and co-sleeping; cutting down on bottles, formula gadgets, diapers, bassinets, etc. There have been a few items this second time around that have been indispensable:

1. A Good Carrier

With my first daughter I had two carriers: a Moby wrap for when she was young and a Mei Tei Babyhawk wrap once she could hold her head up. Both were good, but annoying to tie and would slip/loosen over time. I heard great things about the Catbird baby carrier, and as a plus, it can fit a newborn, which many buckle carriers don’t. It’s been, hands down, the most important piece of baby equipment in my life. My son has severe reflux and torticollis and needs to be upright, so I wear him every waking minute.

Another plus is the hood, which is great while I’m leaning over (which I do a lot of with a toddler) to hold his head, cooking or out in the sun or rain.

I bought my toddler her own baby carrier because she loves to copy everything I do with her “babies.”


photo (27)


2. Ikea all the things

Since having my daughter I’ve become much more into Montessori. As I learned about learning methods as my first grew, I decided that Montessori made the most sense for our family and it’s worked out really well. Before she was born I did a lot of baby shopping for things that were made of plastic and had flashing lights and color. This time around I knew I wanted as much wood as possible in the toys, no electric stuff and generally very basic. Ikea has a lot of great items along these lines.



The above is the baby gym (my baby is not pictured, it’s an Ikea stock photo) that runs for under $30, and they also have wooden stacking cups, hammering blocks, stacking rings, a magnetic crane, and a shape sorter. Each toy is less than $15 and most are under $10. They are simple, sturdy and well-made.

3. Gas drops

As I mentioned, he’s got some serious reflux issues. These gas drops are one of the best things I’ve used with him. They never worked with my daughter but man oh man do they work with my son. We never would have tried them had a friend not gifted hers to us when her son outgrew them.

4. Latched Mama nursing clothes

Normally I double up on shirts when I’m nursing in public to minimize boob exposure. My daughter was born in October, so I didn’t mind this method, as I was doing it in the winter. With my son, born in March, I’m doing the heavy lifting of nursing the first six months during the summer and it’s just unbearable to do the two shirt method (one up, one down). A friend posted about these Latched Mama tank tops and they are just amazing. I would never normally spend $20 on a tank top (I am so, so cheap) but these are worth it.



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  1. Mellissa/Stitches of Love / Dec 16 2015 4:13 am

    Thank you for linking to my Etsy shop! http://stitchesoflove4.etsy. I appreciate it!

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