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July 5, 2015 / bethanyshondark

Our Favorite Toddler Toys/Activities (Around 18-24 Months)

1. iPhone

Oh the high hopes I had about keeping my kid(s) screen free. Sigh. Her favorite apps are:

YouTube Kids and BusyShapes

2. Scout


My toddler is probably a pretty normal toddler in that she loves music. This doll (which comes in girly colors too) plays music that you can program specific to your kid. You can choose their favorite songs, program in their name (my daughter’s name is mispronounced by Scout, which drives me nuts), and their favorite color, food, etc. Scout saves me from having to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” dozens of times per day.
Thanks, Scout.



3. Learning Tower

My daughter has a version of this learning tower sold on Amazon that my neighbor made (Google “Ikea learning tower hack”). It helps her get to the sink and the countertops and participate in a lot of kitchen activities.

Child labor ftw! #montessori

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4. Her own table

This isn’t really a toy, but we gave up on high chairs and booster seats long ago. Now we both sit at her own table, where we eat and “work” (do Montessori exercises like the one below)

#montessori pouring activity keeping Scott's paper towels in business.

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And cook:

Working on learning how to crack an egg. She did one of those in that bowl. #montessori

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We got it from Ikea.

5. Family Magnets

There’s a ton of activities to do with this related to sorting. Sorting by gender, by family, by couples, by age. I made them on Shutterfly. Took a while and was a bit expensive but it’s proving to be a great activity for her while I’m cooking.

Thanks for the inspiration @luccee24!!

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Outdoor items:

6. Gardening

As I mentioned in my last post on baby items, I’m into Montessori lately. I’m not totally Montessori (see: the electronic stuff above), but I try to integrate it into our lives as much as possible. My daughter loves to garden and water her plants. This is a great planter for my budding green thumb.

Watering our little garden.

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7. Sidewalk chalk

Enough said:

My artist.

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8. Sprinkler

The first time she used this sprinkler she was skeptical. She still doesn’t run in it as often as I feel like she should given her carefree spirit and love of water, but if she sure does love to watch it.

Summer joy.

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9. Water & sand table

I shopped carefully for this one, reading as many reviews as I could to get the most bang for my buck. We often host playdates in our backyard and this is a favorite of everyone who comes over. I get the sand from my local flower shop.

10. Pool

The sides on this pool are a bit too high to let the kids climb in and out by themselves, but it’s big enough for playdates at our place. Don’t forget to get a manual pump.


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  1. firstooth / Jul 5 2015 7:57 pm

    Fab ideas! I like the tower hack, must get one!

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