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January 17, 2016 / bethanyshondark

Ultimate Baby Registry recommendations

Written for a friend having twins, minus the newborn stuff, which I’ve previously written on.


Car seats: The Clek is best on the market but insanely expensive. You can rear-face for an extended amount of time, which is ideal til age 3-4 (but really as long as they will let you do it without freaking out. Here’s some cool science on why rear-facing is best/safest if possible.

This is another great option for half the cost. Also allows for extended rear-facing.

This is what we have because we’re poor and cheap with a small car. The best American seat on the market, again, great for extended rear-facing.

Strollers: This is the stroller we have and it’s great for lots of walking, good strong wheels for city streets and a big underbasket. It’s big to go in a trunk but can be taken apart so the biggest part is just the wheels. The biggest downside is it’s heavy.

This is a great lightweight stroller for jogging or traveling.

The boring necessities:

Crib sheets: Aden & Anais (x6). This is plain white, they have tons of cute patterns.

Car mirror, window shade, seat protector from the car seats (so your seats don’t get jacked)

Changing pad, wipes dispenser

Medical stuff:

Snot sucker, thermometer, Motrin, Benadryl, the mother of diaper cream (I only use it with a bad rash), nail clipper, Pedialyte powder,


A key theory of Montessori and toys is less is more. Less is more encourages kids to value the toys they have, treat them with respect, and not get overwhelmed at the options.

Also: no batteries, sounds, etc and keep the plastic to a minimum. This is a great short piece Seth recently published on optimal toys that encourage the use of imagination. I really could go on and on about this and provide a ton of research and interesting reading (and I would be happy to), but I am passionate about keeping beeping, buzzing, light up toys to an absolute minimum and to have toys that don’t have just one function – that they are able to use their imagination to turn their toys do anything they want.

To organize toys, I recommend this Ikea system (get two or three). A toy in each box and rotate them around.

Busy bags and other stuff from the same Etsy shop, reusable sticker books

Musical instruments: Ukulele, assorted sounds, tambourine, percussion eggs, drum, maracas, other percussion instruments

Small items, great for inside the Ikea shelves: Magnetic alphabet writing, pattern blocks, wooden blocks, fishing game, latches boards, nesting blocks, geometric shape stacker, blocks, play foods for color sorting and playing,  shape sorting cupcakes, ramp racer, coin box, string along shapes, shape sorter, dancing walking alligator

Bigger ticket items: Walk along puppy, dollhouse, Magnatiles, play cube, toy kitchen, walking toy, work bench

Kitchen items: egg beater (great for mixing anything), knives good for soft items like tomatoes, another knife that’s good for harder stuff like carrots and celery, LeapFrog alphabet magnets (for the fridge)

Bath toys: boats (Green toys makes a few great ones), hooded towels

Some favorite books: Dear Zoo, Press Here, Anything Mo Willems, Anything Eric Carle, Go Dog Go, Put Me In The Zoo, Hand Hand Finger Thumb, Open the Barn Door, Big Dog Little Dog series by PD Eastman, Give a Mouse a Cookie


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