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May 1, 2016 / bethanyshondark

What’s On Our Toy Shelves 

Been a while since I did one of these posts.

About a year ago I convinced Seth to box up almost all of our books to bring to the attic so we would actually have living space (I think there’s almost 90 banker’s boxes up there now). We kept the two smallest bookshelves downstairs and, in keeping with a lot of what I saw in Montessori groups, I filled the shelves with toys. It helps with organization and helps kids see what’s available better.

I try to have as many wooden toys as possible. Here’s what my kids (2.5 and 13 months) are playing with these days. Many of the toys pictured here and that are elsewhere in the apartment were handed down by my amazing and like minded cousin Lori. When I can link to where they’re available I will (it’s a combo of amazon and etsy).

The top shelf of both bookcases are books and a few odds and ends.

Going from left to right: a Melissa & Doug clock shape sorter. My son is really good with puzzles like this and my daughter not so much, so they both get a lot of use out of this.

The rest of the shelf is puzzles (details on which below.)

On the bottom shelf I have a Melissa and Doug shape sequence sorter (thanks Bubby and Zeiyde), two ikea toys: a stacker and nesting cups, a Melissa and Doug shape pattern block puzzle, and a Noah’s ark shape sorter (neither of my kids have ever been interested in this much, I think I’ll phase it out for another toy soon).

On the floor in the bag are Melissa and Doug shape construction vehicles (thanks Erica and Scott!) On the floor on the far left is a Hape ball roller derby set we got for my son’s first birthday that he really enjoys.

On the floor there’s an activity cube I got on sale on Woot I think, $60 or so. In the basket are a combination of blocks, mostly Uncle Goose. I have Hebrew ones and English ones. My friend MK got the English ones as a baby gift from their website with my son’s first and middle name. They’re great and American-made.

On the middle shelf I have two different Melissa and Doug stacking cubes, the one on the far right came with matching cars (thanks Scott & Erica!).

Also on the middle shelf are Green Toys stacking cups (great in the bath but my kids kept drinking bath water with them), a 3-piece puzzle with giant knobs (thanks Alan and Cheryl!) that’s perfect developmentally for my son, a magnetic alphabet drawing toy (thanks Lori!), a puzzle book from Lori that’s half in German that I’ve never seen anywhere, and a musical bus.

On the bottom shelf there’s a mallet ball maze, a four shape puzzle that my son loves by Hape (they made a lot of our toys), a Hape shape train is in front of that on the floor, a cube Melissa and Doug puzzle that’s very cool — there’s a half dozen kinds of vehicles on each side, when you successfully match the front and back half it makes the sound of the vehicle (boat, ambulance, etc), and a Melissa and Doug latch board Lori got my son for his birthday and he is obsessed with opening and closing the doors (he can’t manipulate the latches yet).

I keep a small basket of more baby-ish toys on the floor as well, with a few babyish books. There’s a lot of musical things, texture balls, and a few teething objects. My son loves balls and the alligator push toy. There’s a Green Toys shape sorter and a Sophie the giraffe teether that everyone has so I figured I needed it. I didn’t, my kids never used it.

Also in the picture is a doll baby carrier my daughter wears so she can “babywear” like me. I got an elephant pattern, natch. A woman on Etsy specially made it.

Here’s the puzzles we have on the first bookshelf. Lori gifted us the Hebrew and animal ones. I got the shape one and vehicle one off of a woman on a swap meet group in town.

I had puzzles made by a woman on Etsy with my kids’ names. I don’t post their names on the internet but both have the letter A so I turned them over to show that detail. I got the lacing toy from a woman on Etsy as well, and the Hape stacking ring toy was a big favorite of my daughter’s but is still a bit of a reach for my son.


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